The ideal roof type for agricultural buildings is metal panels, especially when housing livestock. They offer durability and flexibility in design, giving you the freedom to make your agricultural building function and aesthetically pleasing. There are many benefits to choosing metal panels for the roof of your agricultural buildings, as well as a few considerations for housing livestock.

Why metal panels for agricultural buildings?

Metal Panels are Durable

Metal panels are specifically designed with durability in mind. From high winds to heavy snowfall, they can withstand most climactic conditions. They’re even resistant to hail and have a Class A fire rating, the highest rating a roofing material can obtain. This means a fire won’t spread from the roof and it is less likely to collapse. Metal is also noncombustible. 

The durability also lends a hand in a metal panel’s pest resistance. Unlike wood, they can’t be damaged by termites and other insects. This makes your agricultural building less susceptible to pest damage, as well as keeping your livestock safe from the damages they can cause on a roof.


Longevity is important in the agriculture industry. Rather than paying for a roof replacement every 20 years or so with a typical shingle roof, metal roofs will last three to four times longer than other materials. They usually last up to 60 years, meaning you’re unlikely to have to replace your roof within that span of time. With proper maintenance and regular inspections, damages can be caught in no time and repaired without compromising the strength of your roof. 

Cost Savings

Maintenance and replacement costs won’t break the bank with a metal roof. It’s durability means that the need for maintenance checks will be far and few between. You also save in the long run as replacements aren’t as consistent as with other roofing materials as explained above. 


Metal Panels can be made from recycled materials, making them much more sustainable than other roofing materials. They’re also 100% recyclable at the end of its lifespan. Many agriculturalists reuse the material for other areas on their land such as making a base for grounded coops and cages to keep predators from digging underground and reaching your animals.

Ease of Installation

Not only are metal panels quick to install, they are efficient to install. Since metal panels can be cut to the closest ¼ inch, they can be cut prior to installation and aligned perfectly with the building.

Design Flexibility

When you install metal panels, you can choose to go with the classic red or green barn roof, or you can choose a variety of styles, profiles, colors, and finished. You have the option to choose any color that is offered in the metal panels you choose. For energy efficiency, choose a light color to reflect the sun’s heat. This will keep your barn cooler during the hot summer months. 

Metal Panels for Housing Livestock

Confining animals in an enclosure can pose particular challenges on panels that most people don’t have to think about for their residential and commercial buildings. 

Here’s something that you should keep in mind when it comes to the maintenance of the roof housing livestock. 

What makes animal housing such a challenge?

Ammonia is a chemical compound that can corrode metal. Animal waste from cattle and other animals have high levels of ammonia  which can start corroding a metal roof in as little as five years. This is caused by airborne fumes that can ruin a metal roof the same way it can ruin the walls where manure and dirt collect. An easy way to minimize both problems is by having good ventilation and regular maintenance. This is cost effective because the maintenance is simply a deep cleaning yearly which can be performed by anyone. Calling your local roofing company for yearly inspection can catch any premature damage quickly.

If it’s time to repair or replace your agricultural roofing system, you’re going to want a roofing contractor who can guarantee you that your project goes well. Options Exteriors offers two panel options to make certain that you not only get the roof you need, but one that will last throughout the years. The agricultural industry needs barns, shelters, stables, and more that will protect their assets from all the battering that the weather can bring.

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