Your roof not only protects your home and the items on the inside, it also keeps you and your loved ones safe, which is why choosing the right roof based on your individual needs is vital. Start the decision process by evaluating the following aspects.

Your Budget

Between metal roofing and shingle roofing, the biggest factor to consider is how much money you have to spend and are willing to spend at one time. If you have a lower amount of money or small cash flow to spend at one time and don’t mind the idea that you’ll have to replace the roof in 15-20 years, a shingle roof is your better option. Or, if you have more money to put down at one time or want the peace of mind that your roof won’t need to be replaced for at least 60 years, a metal roof is the best choice. Also, keep in mind, you will likely be spending thousands of dollars more in the long-run if you choose shingle roofing. 

Your Roof Design

Every roof is different, which could really make a difference when choosing the best material for your roof. Get to know your roof by finding out:

  • Roof pitch (slope)

It’s imperative to check the manufacturer’s minimum and maximum slope requirements for both metal and shingle roofing before installation, as it could be restricted based on different products or materials.

  • Square footage of the roof

The complexity of the design of the roof, including the number of dormers, valleys, hips, skylights, penetrations, flashing points, and vent pipes

How much and what parts of the roof are in the shade and in the sunlight

The Building’s Life Cycle

Knowing the predicted lifecycle and use of the building or home the roof will be going on is just as important as knowing your roof design. For example, is the building or home older and in need of extreme renovations or tear-down within the next 20 years? Go with a shingle roof. Or is the building or home newer and likely to last five decades or longer? Go with a metal roof.

Your Environment

There are definitely environments where a metal roof or a shingle roof is the better choice. For example, if you live anywhere threatened with potentially high winds or extreme heat, metal roofing can help alleviate some of those concerns. Or if you live in a very mild environment where you are less concerned with extreme weather, a shingle roof will work just fine too.

Verify with Your HOA or Municipality

As mentioned before, there are HOAs and certain communities that do not allow metal roofing because it may or may not go against the consistency of the neighborhood. Make sure you check with the specific organization before you buy.

Find a Qualified Contractor

Both metal and shingle roofs require a qualified contractor like Options Exteriors, who can perform the install according to industry standards and recommended manufacturer details. Metal roofing tends to be more complex because it uses special techniques and equipment, such as roll forming equipment, which requires a more skilled installer than a shingle installation. Just keep that in mind when you make the decision and start to look for contractors.

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