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Norway Pines Apartments in Sartell, MN

A beautiful multi-family apartment complex in Sartell is looking great with its new GAF American Harvest roofs!


A bad storm, with strong winds, came through Sartell in late August of 2021. The Options Exteriors team began working the area and assisting property owners with storm damage. 

Norway Pines apartment complex in Sartell, MN was not only damaged by the storm, but the roof was over ten years old. The Property Management of this apartment complex was so grateful that the Options team worked with them throughout the entire insurance claim process to get all three roofs in the complex fully covered.

Once the claim was approved the Options crew got to work and replaced all roofs within a week.

Multi-family complex claims can be complicated. Trust Options Exteriors to work with you and your insurance company to get your claims covered and the jobs completed right!

GAF American Harvest Cedar Falls

The apartment unit had existing tan toned exteriors and GAF’s American Harvest in Cedar Falls compliments the existing exterior perfectly. GAF’s American Harvest shingles are architecturally stylish, high performance with excellent protection, as well as coated for ultimate UV protection. 


The Results!